...... Bat Cornilleau Sport 100  

Bat Cornilleau Sport 100
Code: COSPORT100
Price: 8.00 € / 27.62 Lt
Product code: COSPORT100
Use: Leasure, indoor
Color: Red, black
Material: Wood 5 mm, 5 ply for fast reaction, sponge1.2 mm, rubber ITTF1 star
Handle: Straight
Speed rank: 3
Spin rank: 3
Control rank: 10
Manufacturer: Cornilleau, France
In warehouse: Yes
The SPORT 100 allows you to take your first steps at the ping-pong table with family or friends. It goes from hand to hand: from the nephew to the grandpa, to the great aunt… All the family comes together around the table for a game of good old-fashioned fun.