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Table tennis tables Indoor

Table tennis Indoor

Cornilleau table tennis tables have been manufactured in France for 60 years already. Tables are tested by LNE, French National test laboratory, they are approved by FFTT (French Table Tennis Association), ITTF (International Table Tennis Federation). Cornilleau tables for Indoor use have chipboard table top of 16-25 mm, they are ideal for leasure, intensive or competition use. They've got the most innovative DSI, Compact, etc. technologies.

Table tennis tables Outdoor

Table tennis Outdoor

Frame for Сornilleau outdoor tables is from stainless steel, zinc, aluminium, 100% of components are treated against corrosion. Panel laminated resin 4-7 mm resistant to extremes of weather and bat blows. With the most innovative technologies DSI and Compact Cornilleau invented anti-glare treatment MATTOP that reduces sun glare on the surface by a factor of 10. Rain, snow, frost, and sun will not alter the outdoor tables designed for use in any season.

Pack of bats and balls

Accessories for tennis tables

Cornilleau offers accessories of high-quality for tennis tables such as packs of bats and balls or table covers.