...... Flocculant gel Super cubes NEW! 

Flocculant gel Super cubes NEW!
Price: 10.00 € / 34.53 Lt
Product code: FLOCKGEL
Use: Reduces contaminants, clears cloudy water
Manufacturer: Melspring International B.V., the Netherlands
In warehouse: Yes
These gel cubes efficiently binds sub-micron particles including algae so that they may be trapped by the filter. Increases sand or cartridge filter efficiency so that the pool water remains crystal clear. Reduces chlorine demand by removing contaminants.
Remove plastic wrapper and place one cube in skimmer, ensuring chlorine and PH levels are correct. It is important to bachwash filter 24 hours after adding a cube. Backwash filter as more dirt than usual will be trapped, clean the cartridge and place with new one if needed. Replenish with new cube as required to maintain crystal clear pool water. Remove any gel residue from pool as it can make surface very slippery.
The cube dissolves within 10-15 days depending on water temperature and filter running time.
2 pcs. pack.