...... Flocculant FLOCK 1L 

Flocculant FLOCK 1L
Price: 10.00 € / 34.53 Lt
Product code: FLOCK
Use: Coagulates big flocs in water
Manufacturer: Melspring International B.V., the Netherlands
In warehouse: Yes
This product coagulates suspended particles which are too small to be retained by normal filtration. The flocs formed are big enough to be retained by the filter, or will precipitate on the bottom of the swimming pool. The product should be dissolved in a bucket filled with water and should be poured evenly on the water surface.
After 5 minutes the pump should be stopped for 15 minutes. Then the pump should be running again.
Dosage: once or several times a week 50 ml for 10 m3 water. In case of high turbidity up to maximum 100 ml per 10 m3 of water.