...... Fitness equipment HOT PRICES! 

Fitness centres

Fitness centres HOT PRICE!

Modern fitness centres of sturdy steel frames with comfortable backs or seats adjustable according to any demands. Your own professional fitness centre at home.

Bench press for fitness

Bench press for fitness

Solid and well finished adjustable Joy Sport bench presses with various training opportunities. Sturdy construction makes the steel square tubular frame easily withstand training with heavy weights. Adjustable seat and back of variuos positions allow to find the most suitable and comfortable positions.

Fitness cross trainers

Fitness cross trainers HOT PRICE!

Comfortable full automatic cross trainers with the newest and most advanced electronics around. Because of the unique construction your joints will be charged the minimum. With its industrial bearings, Poly-V belt, and ‘drum magnetic control’ cross trainers are designed for quality and guarantee a soundless training. A big scale of interesting 13 different training programs. Holders for hands of diameter 40mm provide a comfortable grip.

Fitness bike trainers

Fitness bike trainers

Absolute top trainers for your home. Special designed for people who like training programs which don’t need any adjustment, and are ready to be used. Joy Sport bike trainers are suitable for every and every goal - if you want to lose weight, improve your condition or just want to relax. Suitable for people up to 150 kg. Comfortable easy entrée, a sound free training.

Fitness rowing trainers

Fitness rowing trainers HOT PRICE!

Joy Sport fitness rowing trainers have been designed from materials of the selected quality. The rail system is constructed from aluminum which is attached to a steel base frame to obtain durability. All rotating parts are with bearings of high quality that ensure a long life. Finishing accomplished with meticulous care. The well fixed seat is ergonomically shaped, the adjustable footrests and foot straps are especially comfortable thus the rowing movement is very natural. Foldable, space saving.

Fitness spinning bikes

Fitness spinning bikes HOT PRICE!

Joy Sport spinning bikes exceed the other machines on really every view. A big stability, extremely flexible step movement and a minimum sound.
These bikes have a good quality with exact the same trainings experience as the professional spinners from the fitness centre. Improved durability - frame three layers galvanized for protection against rust. Combi pedals - SPD or toe clip cage. Patented new Smart-EZ release-system.
All turning parts are foreseen of industrial bearings. Easy adjustable intensity. Evenly distributed muscle load.



Joy Sport treadmills from intensive sport usage to semi-professional with particularly powerful engines capable of a maximum of 6 horse power. Wide belts to 52 cm. With installed training programs and those where load is regulated by pulse. For better protection of joints, there is used a special deck suspension system. For these reasons the Dutch Joy Sport treadmills are Europe-wide familiar.

Vibration trainers for fitness

Vibration trainers for fitness

Joy Sport vibro trainers are professional trainers of hight quality, that meets CE sertificate. Vibro trainers make a great positive result on a big number of physiologic aspects. It helps to achieve excellent results for health and all muscle groups in a short time and with minimal efforts. 15-20 minutes of exerices in 2-3 times a week, meet to 1-2 hours workout at the gym. Advantages of vibro exercises are stronger and tighter muscles, a better blood circle, collagen improvement, decrease of the stress hormones.

Accessories for Joy Sport fitness equipment

Accessories for fitness equipment SALE!

Joy Sport offers accessories of high quality for fitness equipment.