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  1. Dutch trampoline jumping star compares Te Avyna trampolines of high-quality to cheap unsafe models
  2. Important to know!
  3. How to choose the right trampoline?
  4. Which trampoline to choose - round or rectangular?
  5. How many people can jump on trampoline one time?
  6. Are trampolines safe?
  7. What space trampoline needs?
  8. Can you dig a hole under the trampoline so that it becomes equal to the ground?
  9. How to behave if the strong wind or storm is coming?
  10. Can trampoline be left outside all year round?
  11. Why trampoline is worth to be purchased?
  12. Guarantee for trampolines
  1. Dutch trampoline jumping star compares Te Avyna trampolines of high-quality to cheap unsafe models
  2. For the Olympic games in London, Rea is the female qualified trampoline jumping participant for the Netherlands. TE AVYNA, the producer of high quality trampolines for consumers and Rea have contracted a cooperation for more than four years to after the Olympic games in 2016.
    As Olympic candidate it is for Rea Lenders an aim of promoting the trampoline jumping for consumers and make it safe. In an market which is submerged with inferior cheap products, TE AVYNA want to show by the obligation with Rea that they belong with their trampolines to the absolute higher level.
    “Te Avyna is producing the most safest trampolines, they have been tested in the USA as the bests and most safe. The reliability of the heavy material guarantees many years safe jumping fun! This in contrast to what generally is sold in the construction markets”, said Rea Lenders.
    Company owner Joost van Tol has started his company in 1999, with introducing trampolines o­n the European market he was the first. In 2002, he started his own production in Vietnam, this because he saw that the average import trampolines o­nly had a life span of 2 years and frequently where not safe. “Unfortunately consumers frequently notice just after the purchase that there are enormous quality differences. At replacement of their old trampoline the largest part of people buy a new high quality trampoline, this because they understand that they are better and have a good jump! That’s also the reason we give up to 10 years guarantee o­n the frame and springs of the Avyna PRO-LINE trampolines”, said Joost van Tol.
    Please visit where Rea Lenders compares cheap trampolines with o­nes of Te Avyna:


  3. Important to know!
  4. If you plan to buy a cheap supermarket trampoline, be careful! Often the manufacturer (usually China) saving cost, use materials of very low-quality, and that is why the sale price is low. However, within a short time buyers get disappointed because the trampoline's mat gets torn, frame folds up, springs crack, a very thin cover protection on springs wears out, springs come to the surface of the cover and the trampoline is not safe to be used. During the twelve years of our company practice we have been confronting with clients who want to change the details, but their mean trampolines are of different models that we sell, and in particular we do not have the spare parts for them to offer. In this way, such a trampoline can not be used any more simply because there will be no change for broken parts, for example the cracked springs usually of 10-12 cm (which actually toss nor heigh, nor are protected from corrosion) that we do not have in assortiment of high quality. So, we invite you to invest in your family entertainment for years, buy a trampoline which is really of excellent quality and safe, and after long years of usage change the worn parts, that we would always be able to offer!
  5. How to choose the right trampoline?
  6. When choosing a trampoline, decide how often you will use it. Find out what weight it can withstand. If you are planning to jump often, more than one man, exercise intensively, we recommend up to 180 kg weight trampoline. If the children are small, not exercising hard you may choose up to 120 kg models. However the trampoline is usually a long-term purchase, so you have to prefigure the kids' weight that will grow after 5-10 years. We recommend you not to exceed the weight limits for trampoline; if several children use trampoline, you should put their weight.
    Pay attention to the diameter size of trampoline, the number of springs and their length, since this also depends on how many opportunities you'll have while jumping. The bigger length of the spring (maximum - 215 mm, medium - 175 mm), the higher your jump will be - approximately 2 metres. The bigger quantity of springs will make you swing better and jump higher. More often the quantity of springs is 96 pieces.
    Find out whether the trampoline is certified, for example by TUV, AIB, ASTM certificates, meets EU Toy Safety Directive Testing standards, who are the manufacturers, since it depends on how long they will serve. Metal trampoline frame should be galvanized and thus protected from corrosion, humidity, while storing it outside all year round. Mattress' fabric should be durable not to tatter easily and the spring cover that protects a jumper from the impact of springs should have a thick foam coating.
    Ask about a guarantee of trampoline and post-warranty, would you be able to purchase all necessary component parts after some will be damaged. If permitted try a trampoline, jump on it, check if it is strong, how high it raises you.
  7. Which trampoline to choose - round or rectangular?
  8. Round trampolines are the best for younger, inexperienced jumpers, those who like to make various motions. Round trampolines raise high, make to return a jumper back to center. Rectangular trampolines are for older, more experienced jumpers. Both forms of trampolines greatly train the muscles, coordination. Small, round trampolines are recommended for fitness practice.

  9. How many people can jump on trampoline one time?
  10. We recommend just one jumper. However if you have got a larger trampoline, for example 3.70 m and 4.30 m in diameter, with a safety net, there could jump more than one person at a time. However you should regard the limits of weight and constantly supervise the jumping children.

  11. Are trampolines safe?
  12. Trampolines are completely safe if you follow the safety requirements. Many argue that trampolines are safer even than bikes. Children rollic quickly and must be constantly supervised, especially when there jumps more than one child at a time. Round trampolines allow for jumper to stay in the middle. More often people are injured while jumping on the trampoline instead of falling of it.
    Before each use, we advise to inspect the trampoline. Attach the protective cover on the springs, a safety net if necessary. You should immediately change a damaged mattress, spring or cover if noticed. Advised not to use the trampoline when it is wet or at windy weather.
    Jumper should climb up and climb down by ladders and not to jump off a trampoline. Do not get down on the head, neck or back, do not somersault if you are not experienced and have no original jumping skills. Do not use the trampoline as a platform jumping on top of other things. Persons affected by use of alcohol or drugs should not use the trampoline.

  13. What space trampoline needs?
  14. Estimate what size of trampoline will fit in your backyard  - 3 m, 3.70 m, 4.30 m. Over the trampoline should not be less than 7 meters space. Around trampoline must be no dangerous items such as: electrical wiring, trees, recreational devices (swings, swimming pool), fence.  A trampoline is built on a flat surface, well-lit place, there should be no objects left under it.

  15. Can you dig a hole under the trampoline so that it becomes equal to the ground?
  16. Certainly, if the land is properly drained and ventilation is right under the trampoline. We offer in-ground trampolines that are best suited for such conditions, more /In-ground trampolines/.
  17. How to behave if the strong wind or storm is coming?
  18. If the forecast announces strong wind or storm, the trampoline is not recommended to leave outside. If fast disassemble is not possible, we would advise at least to remove the mat. Strong winds can raise trampoline from the bottom and thrown further, so damaging the frame or any other part. You may use /Anchor set for trampoline/ if the area you live is windy.
  19. Can trampoline be left outside all year round?
  20. Trampolines have got galvanized metal frames and springs protected from rust and moisture. Jumping mattress and safety spring cover are of polypropylene or PVC materials, protected from UV rays. Weather cover keeps it always clean and ready for use. Trampoline can stand outside at plus temperatures.

  21. Why trampoline is worth to be purchased?
  22. Trampoline is a very enjoyable fun. The man jumps so high that practically does not feel gravity making a very little effort. In a jump of a few seconds your body will be weightless and have a 3 kg of force. This stimulates blood circulation, respiration, each piece of body. You have to be especially focused not to fall down and that requires to learn the proper management of the body, muscles, eyesight. You would like to repeat jumps over again, trying to jump up and land each time more experienced. This is especially true for children with orthopedic problems that jumping in the long term strengthens the foot muscles and foot arch is being properly formed.
    Your new trampoline will be wildly popular in your family, among friends and guests!

  23. Guarantee for trampolines
  24. Jumpking JumpPOD, Pro-Line - 5 years for frame, 12 months for other parts.
    Bellicon - 3 years for frame, 6 months for springs.
    Mini Bazoongi – 12 months.
    Inflatable trampolines Avyna - 12 months.