...... About us 

During thirteen years since its establishment in 2004, Joint-Stock Company Braitech has sold hundreds of trampolines and swimming pools, tables for table tennis and fitness equimpment. We were and we are attentive to the customer, we sell only responsibly selected goods of high-quality. We bring them directly from our supplier in the UK and Germany (trampolines, play tents), Netherlands (trampolines, footbal gates, fitness equipment, etc.).
We are a family business company, working the whole family together. That is why we mostly welcome and understand those customers who are parents that love their children and families, aspiring more active and more interesting outdoor or indoor leisure at home.


During twelve years, hundreds of families have become more united and friendly!

Twice as many parents have become more loved!

Three times more children have become stronger and healthier!
Thousands of faces added a happy smile!
We are happy that you are with us because we are for you!


Jurgita, Ramunas, Jurate, Tomas
Braitech Ltd.